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Movie Lovers Unite
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Got something to say about film? Come on in and post it! We take anything from recommendations and reviews, to celebrity gossip. We also do random topic questions and new to the community: Featured Movie of the Week and the 25 Movies of Spring Challenge. Upcoming features: the 25 Movies of Summer starting this June! Join us but please, no advertising for other communities without approval!

Community maintained by dornstar, sxylexi11, rabidcactus, and killthenite

12 angry men, a time to kill, adaptation, aladdin, almost famous, american beauty, american history x, andy kaufman, anywhere but here, baz luhrmann, ben foster, bend it like beckham, big fish, billy connelley, billy wilder, black hawk down, blade runner, blow, blue crush, boondock saints, brad pitt, braveheart, brazil, breckin meyer, cameron crowe, cameron diaz, center stage, charlie kaufman, christina applegate, christopher nolan, christopher walken, cillian murphy, clint eastwood, clockwork orange, clueless, david della rocco, david fincher, donnie darko, dude where's my car, dune, ed wood, edward norton, elephant, ewan mcgregor, fast and the furious, fight club, forrest gump, george clooney, giovanni ribisi, godfather, good will hunting, goonies, gus van sant, guy ritchie, harry potter, hitchcock, holly hunter, howard hawks, igby goes down, indian jones, jacob's ladder, jared leto, jason lee, jim carey, jimmy falon, john goodman, john robinson, johnny depp, jude law, julia roberts, kate beckinsale, katie holmes, kett turton, kevin smith, kevin spacey, kill bill, labyrinth, liar liar, life as a house, lindsey lohan, loser, lost in translation, lotrs, love actually, man on the moon, martin scorsese, mcg, mel brooks, memento, monty python, moulin rouge!, natalie portman, natural born killers, nightmare before christmas, norman reedus, orlando bloom, paul rudd, peter jackson, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, raging bull, reality bites, reese witherspoon, requiem for a dream, robert rodriquez, robocop, rocky horror picture show, run lola run, samuel l. jackson, se7en, sean connery, sean patrick flanery, selma blair, serendipity, seventh seal, shawshank redemption, slapshot, slc punk, sleepers, some like it hot, star wars, state and main, steve buscemi, steven soderberg, stigmata, stir of echoes, stuart townsend, suicide kings, swingers, terminator, the breakfast club, the crow, tim burton, trainspotting, troy duffy, uhf, unforgiven, walk to remember, wes anderson, willem dafoe, wonderboys